Design, development and tailor-made manufacturing of commercial furniture and POS accessories for large-scale distribution.

In this division we specialise in providing customized Commercial furniture and equipment for large-scale distribution channels (hypermarkets and supermarkets), the impulse channel and retail stores.

Design and manufacture of bespoke point of sales solutions for brands and retailers

Design, manufacture and shop fitting of a wide range of furniture for large-scale food distribution areas and specialised distribution chains, such as displays and impulse furniture units for check-out areas, shelving systems, end-cap displays, Cross Merchandising elements, gondola inserts, ancillary units, display tables, hoppers, bulk product dispensers, other dispenser modules, promotional furniture…

Well-designed commercial bespoke furniture is of vital importance to influence shopper experience and purchasing decisions at the point-of-sale. At CDI we add value to your commercial furniture with innovative and practical design. Quality and functionality for all large-scale distribution areas: food, DIY, cosmetics…

The ongoing evolution of shopper tastes and purchasing behaviour means sellers have to surprise them at the point-of-sale. By coming to CDI, you can do this, because we are always improving our design and manufacturing skills for new displays, developing innovative and unique solutions for all kinds of commercial furniture and permanent POS materials.



Check-out lines are the hot spots where impulse and last-minute purchases are made.

The right use of space, here, is essential. So at CDI we carefully study the design and functionality of our check-out furniture and adapt it to the different commercial areas and to the categories that will be placed: using movable trays, lighting, security systems, etc.



SHELVING SYSTEMS are the key elements for displaying products in any store, supermarket or hypermarket, and usually comprise a set of standardised shelves.

At CDI we strive to break aisle monotony by designing disruptive and innovative gondola shelves that attract shopper attention, improving the purchasing experience and fueling sales.


Shop in shop


With the Shop-in-Shop concept we aim to help you generate a differentiated space in hypermarkets, supermarkets and other large-scale sales areas. The distinctive styling and the customised atmosphere are the fundamental elements of this display concept. At CDI we analyse how to provide the best and attractive shopfitting solution for the brands.


Cross Merchandising

Cross-Merchandising includes a wide range of display elements that can be located in different sections of stores. They are versatile elements that boost sales at strategic points.



We design exclusive units that are different and unique, for check-out areas. They attract more attention, highlight products on display and generate more impulse sales.



This kind of furniture can be used in a variety of sections (cosmetics, perfumes, spirits) and offers a wide range of designs, sizes and systems (wheels, security locks, lighting…).



At CDI we study and develop specially conceived dispensers for different kinds of bulk products. They can be integrated in a customised display or adapted to existing furniture or structures.

Flexibility. As we carry out all production processes in our own facilities, we offer great flexibility as far as quantities, delivery terms and additional services are concerned.

  • Customized and creative design. Design and manufacture of bespoke point of sales solutions for brands and retailers
  • Design

  • Creative and customised.

  • bespoke Displays  ideally adapted for the point-of-sale.  In-house Design, Manufacture and Assembly of Commercial Furniture, Equipment, and POS
  • Sizes

  • Adapted to your requirements.

  • Customized colours. Design and manufacture of bespoke point of sales solutions for brands and retailers
  • Colour

  • Wide range of colours.


OUR PHILOSOPHY. Quality and personalised service, on-going development and sustainability

From creation and design to implementation, we perform all processes in our own facilities.

This allows us to offer our customers the best solutions for the point-of-sale, with a full guarantee for optimum quality, respect to delivery dates, and prices within your budget.

Our philosophy is based on 3 fundamental ideas:

Quality and Service

We create point of sale solutions starting from the idea that if we can imagine it, we can do it. We liaise with our clients from day one, studying the right solution for each project in terms of Displays, POS units, Commercial Furniture and customized Commercial Equipment, maximising creativity, and functionality in all our designs for stores, shelving systems for supermarkets, etc. Maximum quality in metallic materials, plastics, acrylics, wood, injection moulding and blow moulding, and in painting and finishing. Quick responses to any commitment. Compliance with all deadlines.


We work to the speeds that markets require today, and all our teams undergo ongoing recycling and refresher courses in technology to obtain maximum efficiency in the creation of promotional and sales furniture. At CDI, professional experience and technological innovation always go hand in hand to achieve the best results in the design and manufacture of POS units and displays.


Our environmental policies include a commitment to ongoing improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with all legal requirements for QUALITY and HYGIENE, ENVIRONMENT and R&D&I, as manufacturers of POS and sales furniture. Our commitment is backed by compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 166002 and ISO 9001 standards.

All our projects undergo rigorous quality controls pursuant to European standards All our projects undergo rigorous quality controls pursuant to European standards