Design, development and manufacturing of a wide variety of permanent and complementary customized POS displays out at the point-of-sale.

The goal is to call to action the shopper by presenting products in a highly most visible and attractive way, so they sell by themselves.

Design and manufacture of innovative, and customized COMMERCIAL FURNITURE,  EQUIPMENT, and POS DISPLAYS for brands and retailers

Our permanent POS units for your store are decisive impulse-purchase promoters to highlight products on display and increase your sales options. This is why we create, develop and manufacture all kinds of made-to-measure commercial furniture with lots of great designs to place the focus on the differentiating factors that each display unit should present, whether it’s rationality, capacity or operability within the shelving system, or visual persuasion or options for impulse purchases and “last-minute” buys. Because each type of purchase calls for a different POS display or material.

So at CDI, we offer a wide range of displays to suit your specific needs: floor stands, counter displays, dispenser units, promotional displays, swivelling carousel units, hook displays, hoppers, containers, etc.



In this classification called floor displays (or freestanding units), we design and manufacture a wide range of models for permanent and semi-permanent displays for all types of products and markets. Displays that come in a wide range of sizes, colours, shapes, systems and materials: Metallic / metal displays, plastic displays, acrylic displays, multi-material displays, Perspex displays, wooden displays, stackable displays, illuminated displays, LED-lit displays…



Or permanent display stands, with countless solutions for presenting and selling products: rotating system displays, gravitational systems, stackable, thermoformed, rod structures, etc.


HOPPER units

For hoppers, bins and containers we offer a wide variety of models and sizes with different types of closures and various plastic materials of the highest quality. We are also specialists in volumetric elements for promotion, in injected plastics.

Flexibility. As we carry out all production processes in our own facilities, we offer great flexibility as far as quantities, delivery terms and additional services are concerned.

  • Customized and creative design. Design and manufacture of bespoke point of sales solutions for brands and retailers
  • Design

  • Creative and customised.

  • bespoke Displays  ideally adapted for the point-of-sale.  In-house Design, Manufacture and Assembly of Commercial Furniture, Equipment, and POS
  • Sizes

  • Adapted to your requirements.

  • Customized colours. Design and manufacture of bespoke point of sales solutions for brands and retailers
  • Colour

  • Wide range of colours.


OUR PHILOSOPHY. Quality and personalised service, on-going development and sustainability

From creation and design to implementation, we perform all processes in our own facilities.

This allows us to offer our customers the best solutions for the point-of-sale, with a full guarantee for optimum quality, respect to delivery dates, and prices within your budget.

Our philosophy is based on 3 fundamental ideas:

Quality and Service

We create point of sale solutions starting from the idea that if we can imagine it, we can do it. We liaise with our clients from day one, studying the right solution for each project in terms of Displays, POS units, Commercial Furniture and customized Commercial Equipment, maximising creativity, and functionality in all our designs for stores, shelving systems for supermarkets, etc. Maximum quality in metallic materials, plastics, acrylics, wood, injection moulding and blow moulding, and in painting and finishing. Quick responses to any commitment. Compliance with all deadlines.


We work to the speeds that markets require today, and all our teams undergo ongoing recycling and refresher courses in technology to obtain maximum efficiency in the creation of promotional and sales furniture. At CDI, professional experience and technological innovation always go hand in hand to achieve the best results in the design and manufacture of POS units and displays.


Our environmental policies include a commitment to ongoing improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with all legal requirements for QUALITY and HYGIENE, ENVIRONMENT and R&D&I, as manufacturers of POS and sales furniture. Our commitment is backed by compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 166002 and ISO 9001 standards.

All our projects undergo rigorous quality controls pursuant to European standards All our projects undergo rigorous quality controls pursuant to European standards